Off the coast of Denmark you´ll find a lovely little island surrounded by sparkling blue salt water. Læsø is the name of the isle.

Now Læsø Saltcare gives you a way to immerse yourself in the sea and enjoy the healthful effects of natural salt on the skin. We all know how good the skin feels after a swim in the sea, don´t we? It becomes soft, appealing, and all the blemishes seem to disappear like dew in the sunshine.

The idea for this series of skin- and hair-care products arose after we had heard about salt production at the saltworks on Læsø. We had a notion that the residual brine from
salt production would be perfect for skin-care products. If a swim in the sea makes your skin soft, why not put the sea into a tube?

Læsø Saltcare has developed a range of products in which the most important ingredients are the minerals found in residual brine from the saltern. All Læsø Saltcare products were developed in cooperation with pharmacists and dermatologists.

We succeeded in creating preparations that are gentle, but effective. Our products contain no artificial color, perfume or parabenes. That´s why our skin preparations and shampoo are ideal for most skin types, especially dry, flaky, irritable or ashy skin, and they are effective against severe skin problems.