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Who are we

Agnete Schrøder

Agnete Schrøder

Læsø Saltcare ApS is registered as a limited company owned by me. I am a commercial pilot, work for SAS, and also have an education in English and German communications.

I was born in 1960 and as far back as I can remember, nearly all my vacations have been spent on Læsø. Since I was three years old, my parents have had a small farm there and I recently took over the property.


Læsø Saltcare has become a family-run operation: my son works in it and my daughter helps with packing; my sister is employed in sales; and, I am responsible for administration along with all the odd jobs. I work closely with relevant consultants and experts to keep everything running smoothly so I am able to concentrate on the essential issue—making a quality product that I stand behind 100%


My affection for Læsø is great, so I place a certain honor in making products the Læsø community and I can be proud of. I do not compromise on quality, and do not use artificial coloring, parabenes or perfume. My intention is to attain the official ”Ecological” seal of approval for Læsø Saltcare products, and I am in the process of doing so, but it takes time.


We are interested in hearing from you. If you should have any comments or ideas, please share them with us.

Sincerely yours,
Agnete Schrøder